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A joint of marijuana rolled by someone who doesn't know how to roll proper joints. In the case of placing a large, not propeperly broken up amount of marijuana in the middle of the joint and rolling large points at the ends.
a. Wanna smoke this fat ass joint man?
b. Joint..? That's not a joint. That's a fucking chibby.
a. What's a chibby?
b. It means you should invest in a roller.
by Paul Condencino January 20, 2007
A slang term used to describe ignorant Police men.
Hide those Crons man, the Papiosin are around the corner.

(ALSO PLURAL!)I fucking hate those fucking Papiosins!
by Paul Condencino January 20, 2007
When citizens of who live on the East Coast of the United States. "Garb It Out". See "Garb It Out"
a. East side garb it out.
b. West side garb it out.
c. Garb, garb, garb, now garb it out.
by Paul Condencino January 20, 2007
(abbreviation) Temporarily Peace.
I'm gunna T.P. to the garage to smoke this fat doob.

a.Im bored as fuck, I hate not having weed.
b.Yeah...Well I'm gunna have to T.P., until you find some more greenery.
by Paul Condencino January 20, 2007
A play off of "Garb" (Garbage).A term used when the only cotents left in a marijuana bag is a small amount of seeds and shake, but the smoker still wants to finish their weed.
a. Are you going to smoke that pathetic shake?
b. Yeah... I'm gunna have to garb it out.
by Paul Condencino January 20, 2007
Similar to "Blown," But just a way to say your more "Blown(In reference to being baked off of greenery) but with a little pazazz to it.
(After 3 Blunts)
a. How ya' feelin' tiger?
b. Straight up bleen
a. To the extreme?
b. Bleen to the extreme.
a. Not Blown?
b. Beyond Blown...straight..bleen.
a. Nice.
by Paul Condencino January 20, 2007

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