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(Fro-ner) - noun.
A froner is the state of a your penis when you're starting to get a boner but it's not quite there, and when looked at from the side, it is in the shape of a frown. Can be used for accurately describing an appropriate state of sexual arousal, or for making fun of someone who is way too interested in something.
Example 1:
Stuart - "Dude did you see that chick over there at Chicken Fil-A? SO sexy!"

Ralph - "Where...(pauses)...OH! Man, i'm gettin a froner over here!"

Example 2:
(Ralph is staring at a car)

Stuart - "Bro, stop eye-f***ing that 350Z man, let's go."

Ralph - "Can't bro, do you SEE this thing?!?"

Stuart - "Don't get a froner over it man, jeeze..."
by Patroose August 24, 2009

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