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When somebody uses the word lol three or more times in one message.
Very dangerous be sure to block who ever does this to you. Bad things happen to good people.
Marianna001: lol yesterdaii i went to the mall lol and i saw this homeless guy lol it was hilarious rotfl!!!!!1

Normal guy: OMG!!!!1 lol attack im blocking ur ass!!!!
by PatrickBodom February 26, 2007
Square-headed monster that rolled around in a crusty ass oldsmobile. Has a tendecy of saving used plastic bags. Use the term "yo" after every sentence. Beware your in for an extremely boring conversation if you meet the "Checca". Please refrain from touching it for it using has livce or rabies for they are extremely poor. Stay away form them....Bad things happen to good ppl im seriously
Normal guy: Hey u finish math last night
A "Checca" Yea,yo, as soon as i got home i did it, yo
Normal guy: Wtf is wrong with u, u need life,dont touch me!!
A "Checca": Are you riding,yo
Normal guy: who the fuck are you man
A "Checca": hey,yo ive known u for 6 years,yo
Normal guy: Yea and now i dont you....later fag...
*normal guy leave and never speaks to the "checca" again*

A "Checca": im going to church,yo.
by PatrickBodom March 24, 2007

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