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The only truely proprietary food of Los Angeles, California. While these tasty little devils can be found in many major metropolitan areas - especially outside the doors of nightclubs and bars around last call - their immense popularity in Los Angeles (especially various Hollywood club and bar districts) and the fact that little deviation from the tried-and-true recipe of hot dog + bacon wrapped around it + topped with grilled onions/peppers is ever found, nay, tolerated in the streets of Los Angeles, makes them truly a Los Angeles culinary icon.

The Bacon wrapped hot dog has its roots further south of Los Angeles, namely, Tijuana, Mexico and Baja, California - however, before it emigrated north of the border the hot dogs had other - may i say - unnecessary (read: stupid) additions to it, i.e. cheese, salsa, olives, and occasionally a mexican "meat" called chorizo. these south of the border variations also go by the name "regio" dogs. do not buy or consume these. you will get AIDS and/or chlamydia...and they make you ugly.

Los Angeles bacon wrapped hot dogs however, are completely safe - though they may be made by unlicensed street vendors who are in violation of local health codes (and, by the way - officially banned by the city and county of Los Angeles), and are often fried on top of cookie sheets affixed to a burner fueled by a portable propane tank in the open air, so all manner of airborne particles (dirt, smoke, dust, sneeze and cough particulates, rain, and even semen!) are free to land on them - didn't i mention that they are fried? and anyone who understands science understands that fire. kills. everything.

all in all, these LA treats are like an orgiastic explosion of greasy flavor that blocks up your arteries but not your throat. So, if you ever visit the best (and trashiest) city in America, hit up the Cahuenga Corridor over the weekend and pound one of these bad boys into your greedy little mouth - and you'll know why you came...you fucking tourist.
Pat, Alle, Rodrigo bail out the door of Bordner's/Moscow at 2:05AM:

Patrick: shit dude, iso fuckin drunk I wanna-
Rodrigo: I'm fuckin starving!!!
Allesandra: dude, it's one of those s***s selling those baconhotdogs!
Patrick: I'm so down! gimme five dollars
Rodrigo: *eating noises* (chewing on a bacon-wrapped hot dog)
by Patrick.Marshall June 20, 2008
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