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3 definitions by Patrick R

A combination of drowsy and woozy. Dizzy, incapacitated, light-headed. Feeling of sleeplessness where body is moving but not falling asleep yet.
I'm so droozy I can't do my homework and this tea isn't helping.
by Patrick R July 19, 2005
11 2
noun (pl. -bies)
1. a baby raised on soy formula as an alternative to mother's breast milk.
2. baby unable to tolerate dairy products.
3. young individual with unique tastes.

1. untainted, pure, innocent, fresh, raw.
Because of his inability to tolerate his mother's breast milk, he was a soybaby.
by Patrick R June 23, 2005
9 0
photomom is a mom of somebody at a photoshoot who brings chips and iced frappuccinos and does background checks on photographers
wow your mom brought chips and iced frappuccinos--she's such a photomom!
by Patrick R July 21, 2005
1 9