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When someone's mom purposefully or incidentally photobombs a picture. (Almost always viewed in a negative light.)
Sweet house party man! Too bad half of the pictures were photomomed.
by thegordinator October 04, 2010
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Is a mother who spends more time taking pictures of their children then they do actually spending quality time of their children. Then posting 10,000 fun family photos that they didnt actually involve themselves in.
Beth is such a Photo Mom, did you see the latest in Walmart poses?
by Your Pissed off Daughter November 30, 2013
photomom is a mom of somebody at a photoshoot who brings chips and iced frappuccinos and does background checks on photographers
wow your mom brought chips and iced frappuccinos--she's such a photomom!
by Patrick R July 21, 2005

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