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When a man or woman with a shaved head lubricates it up with vasaline or anal lube and shoves it into a girls beef drapes
Wow that baldy gave that bitch a GREESE BALL
by Patrick Hennessy February 23, 2005
Someone who is a gay pussy or just a word to use when you are mad
Patrick:Wow, Soupy is such a fucking QUIM FIGGIT.
Matt Damon:Ya, i totally agree
QUIM FIGGITS, i hate Matt Damon!!!!!!!!!
by Patrick Hennessy February 07, 2005
A saying of the native toung from Durka-Durkastan... also in the Native Toung of Mr. Powers
Durka Durka Laba Jihad!!! Theres Emily Reed!!! EWWWWIEEEEE
by Patrick Hennessy February 08, 2005

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