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7 definitions by Patricio EL Burro

weed that you bought from someone bud you dont get high off of it.

That nigger sold me some of that wizard weed, and i somked 4 bllunts in a row and wasnt high.
okie doke weed
by Patricio EL Burro January 01, 2006
The frame of mind after you smoke a massive amount of weed.
The state of being blowed.
I got blowed out on the way to the Bengals game.
by Patricio EL Burro December 28, 2005
The dance that occurs shortly after black athletes make a good play in a game (i.e. touchdown, slam dunk, etc...)
I wanna see Chad Johnson score a TD so we can see the new spook dance
by Patricio EL Burro January 07, 2006
The thin panty hose style hair cover upper that spooks wear on their heads during sporting events or everyday activites. Many spooks wear the nig wig during football games.
Why do all the spooks wear those stupid nig wigs on their heads, dont they know they look retarded?
by Patricio EL Burro January 01, 2006
Weed that is not very good at all. It will usually look very dirty brown, and dark green, and all hard and smashed up. Usually you will not be high for very long after smoking it. Kinda Bud will generally leave a bad taste in your mouth, and you may have a headache about an hour or so later.
I got okie doked on some kinda bud from that dude.
by Patricio EL Burro January 17, 2006
Short for kine bud, KB is marijuana that is super potent. Usually it will look very fluffy, green, have red hairs, and many little crystals of THC on it. In most cases it will not have seeds. This term is commonly incorrectly defined as kind bud.
When you smoke the KB, you will get blowed out.
by Patricio EL Burro January 17, 2006
A derogatory term used for a black person who is of little usefullness to society except robbing people or selling crack.
Did you see that damn cougar try and run from the cops
by Patricio EL Burro January 01, 2006