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Slang used by American soldiers in the Vietnam War, sardonically meaning "sorry about that", "too damn bad", or "tough shit". Derived from Vietnamese, in which it means a polite "excuse me".
Aw, did I hurt your feelings? Xin loy!
by Pathoschild October 20, 2007
Anything that occurs on the client in a client-server relationship. For example, CSS is clientside because it's used by the browser. PHP is serverside (the opposite of clientside) because it's used by the server.
XHTML and CSS are clientside languages.
by Pathoschild March 21, 2005
The defined appearance of text, especially used in webdesign and publishing.
"That text is way too small. You should change the formatting to make the page more readable."
by Pathoschild March 21, 2005
A CSS rule that states that in case of conflict, the properties of the most specific selector is applied.
For example: if we make all tables bold, but make all table cells have a normal weight, the latter rule will be applied. This is because "table cell" is more specific than "table".
by Pathoschild March 21, 2005
A computer system or process requesting something from another system or process in a client-server relationship. The opposite of 'server'.
Browsers are clients because they request information from websites' servers.
by Pathoschild March 21, 2005
in CSS, the value is the amount or setting of a property.
selector {text-weight: bold;} - this applies the value 'bold' to the property 'text-weight'.
by Pathoschild March 21, 2005
Cascading StyleSheets is a webdesign language used as an extension of XHTML. CSS is meant to define the appearance of a website, while it's structure is defined by HTML. It is thus called because it uses stylesheets, external files whose properties are applied to the relevent sections of a website. They are 'cascading' because of the CSS rule of specificity.
CSS allows us to apply standard formatting to an entire website. We could, say, apply the selector "title" to every title, and then define it as bold in the external stylesheet. In this way, changing a single line in a single file will update the entire website.
by Pathoschild March 20, 2005
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