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1. One from Ireland or of direct descent of one from Ireland (up to three generations).
2. Can get any girl/guy with a look and smile.
3. Can hold their drink.
4. If farther than three generations, one who embraces their ancestry and attempts to gain at least a fundamental knowledge of the history and language of Ireland and it's people.
5. All of the above with a Balls out temperament
Tá mé Gaeilge...um... déileáil sin leis!
I'm Irish so deal with it!
by PatheticBarrel June 14, 2010
1. A person who is cool for a little while but turns out to eventually be empty, paper thin, and easily disposed of.

Syn. Douche Bag
That prick is such a juice box!
by PatheticBarrel August 13, 2010

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