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adj - the sensation a woman feels from her lover's tongue just prior to orgasm.
my BFF had what she described as a "tonguesational" vibration throughout her body just before she climaxed as I was performing oral sex on her this afternoon.
by Pastor_Bush July 02, 2010
adj/adv- relating to a nice, firm male buttocks and handily being able to squeeze them with each hand when hugging.
"My BFF had been working out quite regularly and I noticed that his buns had gotten very cute and bunsqueezable and I reached over with both hands to give them a squeeze".
by Pastor_Bush July 02, 2010
a tongue-in-cheek expression used to describe a man performing cunnilingus on his BFF.
dude 1: "I visited my BFF yesterday and had a totally tongue in chic experience"

dude 2: "lucky fucker, I've seen your BFF and she's hot"
by Pastor_Bush July 06, 2010

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