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1. A person who tells a story that is so execrable that you feel like your ear has been violated.

2. This is a person that makes you break out in a cold sweat and shudder when he says "So something interesting happened today..."

3. Someone that triggers your fight-or-flight response just by speaking.
Dude, that story sucked balls. Quit being an audiophile.

So my carpool buddy decided to be an audiophile on the way home today. He felt a burning need to tell me about the consistency of his bowel movements. I couldn't get away! We were on the interstate for fuck's sake!
by Passenger Seat Critic April 14, 2010
The term that the young whippersnappers use when they're talking about mojo.
Some people call it swagger
I'm a little bit older, so I still call it mojo.
It really doesn't matter.
Nah, If you got it, you get it
And if you don't then won't grow

-Felt, /The Prize/
by Passenger Seat Critic April 20, 2010
1. a person that engages in dangerously distracting behavior while driving on the interstate, probably due to brain damage, insanity, or a criminal lack of common sense.

2. a jackass that talks on his cell phone while swerving through traffic at 80 mph.

3. a douche bag that you see on the interstate that is creeping into your lane because he's looking down at a text message instead of at the road.

4. a bottom feeder driving down the highway at 5:00 in the morning with their cabin light on so that they can read the book propped up on their steering wheel.

5. a feckless turd that eats a full breakfast requiring both hands and/or utensils while pathetically trying not to endanger every single other person on the freeway.
I saw a total Highway Hazard on the way to work this morning. This bitch was smoking with one hand and texting with the other; who the fuck knows how she was steering. Why do we let people like that breed again? That's the kind of dumbass that only wears a seatbelt because the law says they have to.

My carpool buddy decided to look up Amendments on his phone while driving yesterday. Dude's turning into a fucking Highway Hazard.

So my friend texted me like 10 times while I was driving home from work last week. After I got home and actually checked the texts, I called him back and told him not to get his panties in a bunch. I sure as shit not going to be a Highway Hazard. Fuck that; I saw Seven Pounds.
by Passenger Seat Critic April 19, 2010
1. A passenger in a car that uses his time to photograph one Highway Hazard after another. This is typically done with a cellphone and with the intent to display the images of Highway Hazards publicly.

2. Someone who exposes Highway Hazards with photographic evidence in order to shame them off the highway.
1. Man, I love the fact that my carpool buddy can't stand being a passenger. That means I get to be Passenger Paparazzi and catch all those jackasses on film.

2. Hey if we get enough carpools going to have a fleet of Passenger Paparazzi's, maybe we can expose these turds for the hazards they really are!
by Passenger Seat Critic April 20, 2010

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