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Male masterbation. Commonly used as a slang term describing the sexual acts of one, like "Beat the Meat."
Dude, beat the meat is so out of style, use Wack the Bird.
I Wack the Bird every time I see her.
by Paso Robles Slang March 09, 2010
Waso (Noun): A put down to another person after they do something foolish.
Mike - "I called Chris a waso after he face planted the wall."
Bill - "Chris is a dumbass."
by Paso Robles Slang January 11, 2011
Ass-Gum: Ass-gum is gum that has been placed within the back pocket of a individual, and sat on. Thus, the gum has became dis-formed, and in some rare instances, smells unpleasant because the subject who processes the gum has farted.
Mike - "Hey Bill, can I have some of that gum please?"

Bill - "Sure Mike, any time."

Tom - "Don't eat that Mike! That's Ass-gum!"

Mike - "Nasty dude, ew, I ain't eating that anymore."
by Paso Robles Slang March 15, 2010
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