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3 definitions by Pasdaddy

To come back from the dead in a spectacular fashion, normally just in time to save someone's ass from getting kicked. Just like Gandalf in LOTR.
I was sure he was dead after the nuke went off, but he did a Gandalf and saved Bauer's ass.
by pasdaddy May 07, 2009
A love triangle wherein a girl, preferably younger than 18, is being screwed by her older brother and by her father.
Me and Pa were throwing it to Missy last night... it is a real Stayner love triangle.
by Pasdaddy June 14, 2010
Covering a sheet of plastic bubble wrap in a lubricant and then stroking the genitals until orgasm
After she gave me the slippery bubbles, I gave her the angry pirate
by pasdaddy May 07, 2009