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1 definition by PartyWithSLUUTS

The act of two African American brotherins discussing or collaborating fair terms for a trade, goods, favors, or services. Services include, but are not limited to: hitman for hire, sour D, cocaine, the heroin, prostitutes, stolen cars, etc.
Winston: Excuse me kind sirs, how much currency will it cost me to purchase some time with your classy female companion?

Pimp Daddy Alonzo: Ah ha check this faggot muh'fucka. Drop the punk ass bullshit for a second, honky. Let me negrociate with my cousin Ray Ray and we'll get back to ya.


Ray Ray: After careful negrociation, we've decided LaQueefa's workin for free tonight.
by PartyWithSLUUTS April 26, 2012
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