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1 definition by PartyTigger

Chaya is meant to be a hot girl and thus often adopted by young girls referring to themselves.

Unfortunately it is an orthographic mistake, hence the word correctly spells Tschaia or Tschaie, which originates from a whole set of 'moving languages' (Read gypsiy slang et al) and means plainly a girl.

Hence those languages are mostly spoken languages, it is usually hard to define the correct orthography, yet the transformation into chaya might be related to spanish (that certain latin(a/o) touch) or just shows the typical social lower class educational level.
Diker ma die Tschaia (Chaya), die tscheft gar tschie tschuggern.

Translates roughly to:

Check out that chick/girl, she ain't nice at all.
by PartyTigger May 29, 2006