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Short for Faggot. A word used to describe a male (Usually homosexual) that is overly flamboyant or feminine. These men often think extremely high of their looks even though a large majority of the population is repulsed.

Some characteristics of a fag are:
Instant tans
Highlighted hair
Full body shaving or waxing
Pencil thin eyebrows
Bellybutton rings
Very skinny
An eating disorder
A lisp
Clothes that are too tight or small
Majority of wardrobe consists of Abercrombie, AE, or Hollister
Obsessions with Lady Gaga, Brittany Spears, Beyonce...etc
Obsessions with Dancing
Obsessions with Fashion
Obsessions with Opera or Musical theater
Obsessions with shopping
Acts like a diva/woman/princess
Always has an attitude
Thinks its funny and/or attractive to be a bitch
Dances like a female stripper at all clubs and bars
1: That fag looks like he used a sharpie to draw on his eyebrows.
by PartyMonsterT March 30, 2010
An adjective used to describe a male that insists on putting a definition of their name on Urban Dictionary that includes having a large penis and/or being attractive.

These men often post the definition on facebook and other social networking sites in order to mislead people into thinking that they are desirable even though they aren't.

This is a red flag indicating a guy is ugly, has a small penis, or both.
James' Facebook status:

James: Someone who is un usually well hung. People with the name James are generally known for their good looks (especially the eyes) and women are just simply attracted to them.

Me: One look at this troll's pictures and anyone can see this guy is urbinsecure.
by PartyMonsterT March 30, 2010
A hairstyle that involves the complete shaving of a female's head. It's usually accompanied by a complete psychological breakdown.
1: Dude, Sally totally got a Britney Spears cut. That bitch is crazy!

2: Actually She has leukemia...

1: ......oh
by PartyMonsterT March 30, 2010
An old worn out twink. Usually between the ages of 28-40 that has premature aging (leathery skin) from excessive use of tanning beds and has an orangy glow. He still shaves or waxes his entire body in an attempt to appear youthful. His eyebrows are usually arched and thin much like a woman's. Often twunks still shop at Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, and Hollister and wear too tight neon polos and destroyed jeans. Twunks sometimes get botox and other plastic surgery that often feminizes their features.

Twunks are known to lie about their age and act like a 16 year old in order to get "in" with younger guys. Much like a twink they will also act like a dramaqueen/child if their attempts to hit on you fail.

Twunks usually hang out with young gay boys usually 16-20. Which is the their age limit for friends, hookups, or boyfriends.
Twunk: Dude, you are soooo cute. We should, like, hang out sometime.

Me: Sorry, I'm not interested.

Twunk: Fuck you! You're fucking ugly anyway! You're probably a whore and have AIDs! No one here wants your ugly ass! (he will then proceed to tell everyone he knows that you are a whore with AIDs)

Me: *rolls eyes

Friend: That twunk had to be at least 45...damn.
by PartyMonsterT March 30, 2010

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