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3 definitions by Parsalus

Red Rock opium was sold mostly during the late 90's early 2000's. Red Rock Opium is a myth it is actually Dragon's Blood Incense which is resin from the Daemonorops Draco Plant. There is no high, the effect you might feel is just placebo/smoke inhalation. Real opium is black so avoid this stuff at all cost.
You bought a gram of Red Rock Opium,!? You got ripped off man.
by Parsalus January 31, 2007
A skate shoe designed by Rodney Mullen. They are really good and they make a toe protector shoe you don't rip it doing flips.
Globe Mullens is a great skate shoe
by Parsalus August 02, 2006
A phrase used by hillbilly tuna fishermen when refering to a passing attractive female.
Damn she's one fine piece of albacore I tell ya'
by parsalus September 09, 2011