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Stalking someone to the highest level stalking can reach. This includes making songs about them, taking pictures of them when they aren't looking, making t-shirts with their name on them, complete facebook stalking, and talking about how your going to marry the particular person in the future.
1%- Hey why are you guys Caston-ing my stepbrother??!
Stalkers- Cause your stepbrother is super nice and a total hottie!
1%- Actually he isn't nice to anyone and he doesn't even talk to me (his own stepbrother). And he does drugs!
Stalkers- Were hot he will talk to us, plus we love his rebellious side!

1%- Uhh why dont you guys start caston-ing someone else? LIKE ME???
Stalkers- yuck...never! your too much of a 1%
by Parrot Luver January 22, 2011
A nickname given to a person who does the following

*Whistles way too much
*Says random annoying things just to get attention
*Constantly tries touching you
*Has weird lame obsessions (EX. Charlie brown/Superman)
*Is super tall (kinda giraffe like)
Carly: Hey Wyat stop being such a 1% its really starting to piss me off!
Wyat: I cant help it! once a 1% always a 1%...I cant change it I was just born like this! Can you tell me what 1% really means?
Carly: Well it means way more then this definition on urbandictionary.com but I wont ever tell you!
Wyat: (starts LOUDLY whistling)
by Parrot Luver January 23, 2011

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