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A person who suffers from a severe lack of sex despite being in a committed relationship.
"After being married for 14 years, I am now a practicing Getnosexual."
by Park Dad February 24, 2010
A specifically non-derogatory name given to young children, ages 4 and under, of Trailer Trash parents, whom cannot be faulted by who their parents are, but noting the high probability that they will eventually become Trailer Trash themselves as they grow older.
"Where are the parents of those trailer tots running around in just a diaper?"
by Park Dad February 26, 2010
A father who, due to being unemployed, takes over the primary caretaker role of his children while still looking for a job.
"The playgroup was filled with a lot of Tempdads today."
by Park Dad February 25, 2010
A butt that becomes like a nozzle you can't turn off during a bout of sickness.
I can't be away from the toilet too long, I've got a buttnozzle going on today."
by Park Dad February 25, 2010
A father whose extreme involvement with his kid(s) is only for show, especially playing to mothers other than his kids' mother.
"After ignoring his kids all day, he uberdad'ed when the company arrived."
by Park Dad February 24, 2010
A term used by the elderly trying to be with current trends by becoming involved in networking social sites.
"I've been trying to talk to you all day on the SpacePage"
by Park Dad March 01, 2010

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