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A tall tropical plant, found in Egypt. It grows well in marshy areas. It was used to make the first form of paper, we even get the word "paper" from "papyrus". This plant is considered very exotic and is becoming more and more popular because of that.

Papyrus is also known as Bulrushes.
person 1: Hey, the plant looks so exotic!
person 2: Yeah, it would totally fit in with my exotic room decor!
person 1: I wonder what kind of plant it is...
person 2: I think it's an Egyptian Papyrus....
by Papyrus18 January 27, 2008
A Guitar Pick that is used by a Violinist (or by another member of the orchestra) to remove rosin build up on the metal strings. Oft times it is implemented to prevent annoying squeaks when wiping the strings with a soft cloth, though not always effective.
Violinist one: My strings are white!! and when i try to clean them the screech horribly! and it makes my little sister cry... my dog whines... my cat yowls....
Violinist two: *hands them a rosin scrapper mid sentence* Here use a rosin scrapper, it wont be as bad... and it make the cleaning go faster....
Violinist one: Oh, thank you!
by Papyrus18 February 09, 2008

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