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Jacqueline is a very extremely beautiful girl.

She is very funny and extremely positive. She is also very kind and she's a girl you will swear she came straight from heaven because she is an angel.

Very cute in everything she does. You will die from the cuteness of her.

If you ever find a Jacqueline then you're the luckiest person ever. Don't ever piss her off and remind yourself each day how lucky you are that you found her.

If you find a Jacqueline, you better chase after her and never give up on her and try every way possible to make her the happiest girl ever.

They don't like gossiping preppy girls.

Jacqueline is different than every girl. She is so cool and isn't a girly girl. She makes everything amazing.

Jacqueline is the most perfect girl in the entire world, if you know one start chasing her.
I want to marry Jacqueline, she is the most amazing girl in the entire world.
by Papabear:3 August 06, 2011

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