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Indulging in a hoagie while receiving oral sex.
After I left the bar with that slut, I had the best bloagie ever outside Wawa.
by Papa Derf October 30, 2007
When a guy receives oral sex while eating a hoagie
After the bar, I stopped off at Wawa for a late night sandwich, where I my girlfriend soon after gave me the best bloagie.

(Wawas are convenience stores in Philly and NJ that makes freshly made hoagies especially for the late night bar crowds)
by Papa Derf November 01, 2007
When a male receives oral sex from a female while eating a cheesesteak sandwich
My girlfriend started giving me a head and I saw a cheesesteak sitting next to me and it looked damn good so I took a few bites.

Geno's or Pat's cheesesteak + drunk slut bj = beejshsteak
by Papa Derf November 01, 2007
When you go behind someone and slap your hand back and fourth between their thighs to replicate the feeling a fish flopping about.
While Fred was chatting it up with a young lady , I trouted him and he spilled his beer all over her chest.
by Papa Derf November 12, 2007

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