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1/Stealing, theiving something, or getting something off someone for free
2/ (real definition :) ) Type of dance... Dancing to ska music!! no other definition is good enough. as we do it, its crazy madness of swinging your whole body to the music, kicking your legs like and irish jig. we call it the "rock city Ska". Man, Ska rocks :D
"Play some Ska, Dick!!"

*Skanking commences*

by PantsTheif April 17, 2004
Tight T-shirts, Tight pants, Odd Socks, Crazy Hairdo...Wuss. Gets dumped by his girlfriend allll the time and cries about it. a lot. listens to abnds like taking back sunday.
Oh, and dont forget the emotional poems... and tight pants.
"hey Emo Kid, Where'd you get your Shirt from?"

"Well, it all started when my girlfriend dumped me, and i was sooo depressed.....
....and thats where i got it from!

Hello? Hello?!!"
by PantsTheif April 17, 2004

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