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1. A human that is known for consistently bragging about his farts.
Example: "Why are you being a smokeyyy? You're farts smell like you never cleaned your anal."

2. A stripper that gets payed in bubble gum.
Example: "I want that smokeyyy to come to my my house, I got lot of Juicy Fruit bubble gum!"

3. A text book that has been pooped on.
Example: "Did you see that smokeyyy Tom? Yeah, I made that smokeyyy!"

4. A group of perverted nerds that touch each other while playing Pac-Man.
Example: "Oh great! A group of more homos! No Jeff, that's a smokeyyy!"

5. A person who rubs a Rhinos horn smoothly but swift.
Example: "I'm a good smokeyyy!"

6. A Pimp that takes his dumps inside a females butt hole.
Example: "I just saw a huge smokeyyy!"

7. When a fart and a shit comes out at the same time.
Example: "Oh my gosh! I think I just ripped my asshole that was the biggest smokeyyy I've ever done!"
by Pandora's Box of GunZ April 12, 2010

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