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A parasite by definition is something who feeds off a person (or a so-called 'host').

1. A parasite in many examples could be a person who basically lives off another human being, without planning to pay them back in any way possible. This person basically takes advantage of the host or person they live off of, reasons could be of following: money, house, or food.

2. A parasite could also be something in a person or animals body. The parasite feeds off of the person/animal's insides.

3. Baby/Fetus. I techincally do look at as a baby or fetus as a parasite because it still is inside the body of a person or animal, and it does take nutriants from it's carrier.
1. Del is a parasite, all he does is feed off of people and takes advantage of them.

2. I hope Chris is okay, he had to go to the hospitol to get a parasite removed from his body or he was going to die.

3. My aunt is pregnant again, can't wait to see the little parasite when it pushes it's way out.
by Pander November 08, 2006
Joisey - Noun.

Joisey is accented for New Jersey. People from North New Jersey or New York usually have this accent.
Imma get dis dawg from Joisey and wulk him.
by Pander November 09, 2006
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