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Having sex with your best friend of the same sex on accident (after a long night of partying n such)
DUDE i did NOT have foaming ape rape with you last night man, that was Sheila.... But tell me, was it good?
#synonyms - accidental gay sex #raping ape foam #kinky spooning #nine inch nails #antonyms- the pope
by Pandaman June 28, 2006
When vaginas flee from you, or the thought of you.pokemon card collectors seem to catch it.
"Bro you havent gotten laid in months? You must have vaginitis, go to the fuckin doctor and get teh fuck away from me before i catch it..."
#synonyms: failure to acheive booty #being in the star wars fan club #being a fuckin loser #not getting any for months #having a third arm #having no cash by which to buy a hooker
by pandaman June 28, 2006
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