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The embarrassing flakes that collect on the front of your shirt whenever you eat potato chips.
After I dig through a can of Pringles, I'm embarrassed by the raging case of chipzema on my shirt.
by Paddlefish December 19, 2010
The act, upon opening the wrapper around a loaf of bread, of digging your fingers past the first few slices, with the expectation that the slices closer to the center of the loaf are somehow superior.
Whenever I unwrap the Wonder, I engage in some serious breadscavation to find the perfect slice for my toast.
by Paddlefish December 19, 2010
The behavior exhibited by dogs, often male, who will lick a (seemingly) random spot on the ground while on a walk and then urinate on that spot.
When I took Bowser out for his afternoon constitutional today, he must have had at least five LikiLeaks.
by Paddlefish December 19, 2010

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