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A vaguely female member of the pikey plague. One that is kept in a permanent state of pregnancy by either close family members or random passing strangers.

The milk produced by such a monster is considered highly toxic by all but the hardiest of pikey tykes, being infused with an assortment of hard drugs, and is thought to contribute considerable to the damaged state of the suckling thugs in later life.

At the centre of every pikey plague outbreak, you will find, nestled away in a 11th floor council flat, at least a dozen or more dairy pikeys pushing out their deformed proteges like there's no tomorrow.

A dairy pikey should not be confused with with a common or garden, fat pikey, although careful examination may be required to tell the two apart.
scenarion: Taking the air along brentford high street....

(me): Fuck me, if I'm not sorely mistaken, THAT is a dairy pikey
by Padders December 11, 2003
An extremely rare, some say unique form of Ursus Peruvius. Its natural habitat being that of an encrusted unmade bed, surrounded by a stench unmistakable his own. Sightings are rare, but it is believed that there exists only a single compatible mating partner in the wild; the short, evidently deformed creature, know as the Clag.
(claggers): Padders
(padders): Claggers
(claggers): Padders
(padders): Claggers
(claggers): Padders
(padders): Claggers

(claggers): Thankyaaaaaah

repeat ad nauseum...
by Padders December 03, 2003

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