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3 definitions by Pablo MonteChristo

A bum, homeless person, or affluent white kid from Westlake, Texas begging on Guadalupe Street (called the drag) across from the University of Texas.
Man, stepping over the drag worms on the way to the Architecture school can be hazardous!
by Pablo MonteChristo October 19, 2007
12 2
Directing your flow of urine at that deteriorating scent disk at the bottom in the hope that your "mighty" stream will break off a chunk.

This can also apply to the left over piece of shit in the toilet the previous user left for you.
Man, some asshole didn't flush the did a little pumpkin carving on that piece of shit!
by Pablo MonteChristo October 19, 2007
5 2
is that common phenomena where you wait to use the restroom, and the person before you must have had a mean bowl of chili, cuz it stinks to high heaven, you still use the restroom and upon leaving the next person in line (who's usually an attractive person of the opposite sex) attributes the shitty smell to you.
..."dammit, Drake stink framed me at work today"
by Pablo MonteChristo October 19, 2007
2 1