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a large bowel movement that occurs when people supplement their weight training routine with some type of weight gainer formula or protein powder
Franz has clogged the toilet once again with a muscle shit.
by Pablo Diggity May 19, 2006
To intentionally exclude a perfectly viable item in one's comparison to inflate the ranking of another item.
Sennheiser are the #1 noise cancelling headsets once you exclude Bose. I can only conclude that the high tech guy's comparison has a dinnyrank error.
by Pablo Diggity February 14, 2011
Yosh is a term used to express dissatisfaction after being easily deceived or duped.
Nate: Welcome to Cleveland Dave! Anything you want to do while you are here?

Dave: Well, a friend of mine said I should try a Cleveland Steamer, so maybe we can go get those one day.

Nate: You want me to poop on your stomach?

Dave: What???? I thought it was some kind of dumpling. Aw man…totally got Yoshed.
by Pablo Diggity January 26, 2011

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