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- America's paradise.
- Where America's day begins. (1 day ahead of the continental US)
- Home of Chamorros. A people built with a beautiful sun kissed tan, thick black hair, and bright brown eyes. All the while, rich in culture and tradition with a strong Roman Catholic influence, village fiesta's, and beach barbecues.
Year round summer, sandy beaches, great people, what could be better?
Word to the haters: Here's some facts before you rant about Guam.
- Obesity? Mississippi has the highest US obesity rates, Guam is not mentioned. (Hoover Institution study)
- Education? Texas has the worst education, Guam is not even on the list. (Forbes.com) In matter of fact, Father Duenas Memorial School (private school) on the island has alumni from Stanford, Harvard, Yale, West Point, and Annapolis just to name a few. (feel free to call and verify 6717342261)
- Crime? Detroit Michigan is home to US crime. (Forbes.com)
- Ungrateful? According to population, Guam residents chose the military more than almost any other American. We also allow majority of our island to be covered in bases, we thank god for our military. They freed our people. Some don't appreciate the buildup of more troops, but you can't please everyone.

If your really curious about Guam, there is no better way to understand then to come and visit. Spend a couple days with the locals, pop in a on a local bbq and form your own opinions. I promise, You'll be pleasantly surprised
A: Are you gonna visit guam?
B: Yea man, I'm headed there for the winter. Gonna get my bbq on and learn to surf! Come with, we'll split the airfare. :)
by PROUDCHAMORRO January 08, 2012

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