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a competition between the four upper school classes at NDP (*cough and MVP...but NDP will always kick the F-ing shit out of you) in which they create a march, dance, aerobics, poster, and song according to the theme. Each class elects a captain who must express great leaderhsip in leading her class to the silver cup. This competiton brings out the best in everyone and brings the classes together. every girl must be willing to give up Sat for practice, the months of Jan, Feb, and March, and a single Fri and Sat night in March. NDP girls walk around proudly saying I participated in Gym Meet. even though it is a given the Seniors will win (no matter if the jrs really won...they just say the seniors won). we dress up the campus, our cars, our bf's cars, our houses, and def. our homerooms. and yes our Gym Meet parties are hardcore and involve drinking and passing out and not remembering anything the next morning...but what the hell? It all revolves around two words: GYM MEET! no one will ever undertsand unless they are a student, alumni, faculty, relative, or have any association with NDP! i bet you never knew two little simple words could have so much of an impact...
Gym Meet is the best f-ing competiton ever!
by PROUD NDP GIRL! December 02, 2005

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