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The fun-loving Big Bang Theory nerd also known as "Raj". Being Indian and Hindu, and lacking the ability to speak to woman, "Raj" adds a great form of humor to the Big Bang Theory.
Leonard: Bye Penny! have a nice night!
Penny: Thanks Leonard! You too! Raj, talk to me.
Rajesh koothrepali:...
Sheldon: Get out of our apartment.
by PROFESSOR BURN January 11, 2012
A word that substitutes anything in the English language, wether it be a verb, noun, or any other crap from your english class.
Wow, thats a nice (not knowing what the item is:) Rackbaw, Mrs. jenkins!
by PROFESSOR BURN January 09, 2012
The ghetto word for "there" or "here" used by underaged drinkers and Badass's
IDIOT 1: where should we put this keg, bra?
IDIOT 2: put it right Myaw (points to a spot).
by PROFESSOR BURN January 09, 2012
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