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12-16 year old girls, who go around in boy racers cars to act cool.. brag bout bein fucked at the age of 12 on a car bonnet by 10 different dickheads.
Right man, i got this sports car, and this little car slag suckin my dick in it too!
by PRK August 07, 2003
a combination of the words "drunk" and "loser" which are usually said together as "drunk loser" but this, is far easier to say and rolls off the tongue with ease.
frat boy 1: MAN what happend last night? i woke up wearing a skirt, next to a fat chick, and couldn't find my car outside her apartment for like fifteen minutes.
frat boy 2: yeah you were a droozer last night if id ever seen one
by prk April 22, 2005
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