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The most evil vehicle ever created, owned by preppy, condescending, ignorant, annoying, stuck up, Unpatriotic, YUPPIES who should take their gas mileage and shove it up their asses.

Owners of the Toyota Prius think they are better than everyone else who ever lived just because they have the finacial means and/or desire to purchase this car.

All owners should shut up and stop talking about how good their stupid little flaming car is and focus on other things.

Not to mention, Foreign cars are helping to destroy America
YUPPIE(condescending tone): I love my new Prius it gets so much gas mileage.

Normal Person: The economy is so bad I can barely afford to own my '92 Ford.

YUPPIE(condescending tone): I also am helping the environment, what are you doing?

Normal Person: Trying to not go bankrupt!!!!
by PRIUSHATER! October 17, 2008

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