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Peak Physical Condition

A quest real men partake in everytime they enter a gym. Something unfortunately most gym goers forego as it's too much of a challenge for them. Instead they sit around doing elaborate 5 day splits and talking about how 'aesthetic' they are. Meanwhile the guys in PPC sit around laughing about them knowing that they're bigger, better, faster and stronger.
guy 1: Look at that bodybuilder over there doing his set of curls. He's huge!
guy 2: Paha. All show no go. What you really want is to be like that guy over there. Epitome of PPC.

guy 1: Hey man, up for hitting the gym for a back sesh tomorrow?
guy 2: Haha. No. Think I'll swim a few miles then maybe do a whole body session tomorrow.

guy 1: What?

guy 2: I train to be in good shape, not to look like I'm in good shape. It's all about PPC.
by PPCfounder October 27, 2011

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