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Hyper-sexual individuals who make fetish parties a ritualistic affair. Sometimes people with low self-esteem who can hide behind the guise of an alter-ego in order to summon their suppressed confidence and sexuality. Sometimes narcicistic people of extreme sexual tastes with an insatiable need for attention and self glorification. They get their satisfaction by appearing as figures of deviant desire. They do not separate the fantasy from other aspects of their life. i.e. will take on day jobs that are associated with the fetish or porn industries. They consider these events to be part of their lifestyle and have an almost cult-like devotion to it. They will document their activities and post them on social networking and night life websites.
Last night I saw Daniel dancing in a cage wearing low-rise, tight-fitting assless chaps, no shirt and a cowboy hat. The next day I saw that fetishista working at Sweet Tomatoes. What a dork.
by POPDeeLeeT December 29, 2008
A derivative of "What's going on?", "What's up?", or "What's Poppin'?"
Yo, What da Rickleride?
by POPDeeLeeT December 29, 2008
A deviant class of homosexuals that are borderline transexual. They put on exaggerated amounts of make-up, display an inaccurate level of femininity, wear outlandish clothes, inherit sterotypical black girl vocabulary and have tourette's-like body and hand gestures. They love to exibit their hyper-flamboyance at a whim. They'll usually document it and put it on social networking websites or upload it on video sharing websites.
What a Gayfreak?! I saw him on youtube, half naked, dancing to Beyonce.
by POPDeeLeeT December 29, 2008
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