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1 definition by POEToftheUNtITLED

Emo can mean a lot of things, & as with any label, it is just one word trying to desribe something much bigger, so it's not strictly one thing or another, & it's meaning changes over time.

Originaly, emo was a music scene in the 90s & short for "emotive" now Emo is more generaly accepted to be short for the word "emotional" which is not to say one is more correct but that the word "emo" has changed over time.

1. A music genre of a typicaly melodramatic, not always depressing but often emotional rock genre, or a softer version of hard-core rock. Describes bands like MCR.

2. A type of indavidual, generaly a teen, who is very emotional. They may or may not listen to "emo" genre & may or not follow the "emo" style (black hair covering one eye, tight dark clothing, wrist bands...) they typicaly wear alot of black but don't have to, but are troubled indaviduals, often with a mood disorder &/or alot of abuse in their past. Some emos cut themselves or self-mutilate, but not all do. some are suicidal, but they don't have to be.

Alot of people would classify someone as "emo" who really is more "poser," or trying to "be" emo, or any other subculture, in order to get attention. (pretending to cut, making a point of wearing "emo" clothing...) This does NOT go for all emos.

3. Anything particularly dark or emotional. Any writing that is particularly anxty or talks about loss, depression, feeling of being alone or differant. The same goes for any form of artistic expression.
1. I like to listen to alot of music; i like metal, emo-rock, and some alternative.

2. I have been acting alot more emo since i got into high-school, becasue i have had alot more anxiety, and i find myself wearing alot more black.

3. This poem about my dog dying came out sounding really emo.
by POEToftheUNtITLED December 03, 2011