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The reverse of a Cinderella story, usually in a situation where everyone hates the Cinderella. It can also be a David vs. Goliath situation where everyone wants to see Goliath win, because everyone hates the underdog.
I can't believe she gets to be homecoming queen just because she was on "Made." It's such a Sarah Palin Story.
by PMike January 23, 2009
To become incredibly drunk, so much so that much like its namesake former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, one completely loses touch with reality, has delusions of grandeur and/or invincibility, ultimately leading to their pathetic downfall and universal disappointment and scorn.
Ricky said he'd only come out for a couple drinks, but that quickly turned into nine and before you knew it, he was so blago he puked on my shirt, ran down Michigan Avenue with no clothes on and got hit by a bus he thought he could stop.
by PMike February 04, 2009

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