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Completely finishing a platter of Mexican food from a Mexican restaurant. Typically, the platter will consist of any three items (burrito, tostada, tamale, taco or enchilada) and it is always accompanied with both rice and refried beans. Black beans may be substituted, but usually the black bean customers cannot achieve mexiclosure. One and two item platters are also applicable although not impressive.
"I'm totally stuffed. I don't think I can achieve mexiclosure." said Alex.
by PLAM! April 24, 2008
The kind of wind you break as a result of a full mexiclosure. This happens after eating a full plate of mexican food.... a serious mexican fart!
"Oh my god Alex! I had so much mexhaust after achieving mexiclosure last night!"
by PLAM! April 27, 2008
Having more than one point to make in a conversation at one time. Can also be applied to literature where you have more than one point to make.
Can also be referred to a buck's antlers.... they are multipointal.
"Alex was very multipointal during his speech".

"That angry buck invaded my thigh with it's multpointal antlers. We should really go to the hospital".
by PLAM! April 27, 2008

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