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1. Schwag is poorly cured or poorly treated marijuana. It has little, if anything, to do with potency of plant before harvest.

2. Brown, dark green compressed marijuana. Often compacted into bricks for ease of transport; sometimes compacted by steam roller and normally sun dried which lowers potency.
That mexi-brick is some dirt schwag
by PL January 15, 2005
Jon Liu; one who thinks is a stud, but in reality is a dud.
"I am a stud."
"No, you're a dud."
by PL October 30, 2003
Home to many intelligent people, an annoying university, and bad public elementary schools. 02138 (zip code) is apart of it, which is considered the most opinionated zip code in the world. C's up.
Man, I hate it when people say Cambridge is Harvard and Harvard is in Boston.
by PL December 20, 2004

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