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2 definitions by PJ McNiggles

To not only abbreviate, but, combine two words together to form a shortened hybrid word, most often spoken in tween valley gal dialects across the pacific southwest.
Sally: "That shirt is so fascinating and yet boss at the same time."

Georgie: Oh, You mean it's Fasso?

Sally: "No. You are fasso, silly."

Georgie: "i so love to hybreviate"

by PJ McNiggles February 27, 2008
Containing both elements of being fascinating and boss at the same time.

Perpetuates new trend in hybreviation
I am not too sure why jenny looks so fasso today. Maybe it's that new dress she's wearing.

I love that myspace, it's so fasso right now.
by PJ McNiggles February 27, 2008