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The occurence of being rejected a peep, or being denied permission to eat a peep when in need of tasty goodness or in peep heat," and reacting with a furious outrage, no matter what the circumstances or who the person. This random outbreak may be rationalized by the Peep Effect.
Nunu: "Hey man don't worry, she wasn't
really angry at you, you just set
her up for the Peep Effect."
Patrick: "But all I did was--"
Nunu: "--It doesn't matter, once she snaps
out of her Peep Heat everything
will be back to normal."
#peep #peeps #effect #pissed #wtf
by PHizzleFoShizzle March 19, 2009
Being in dire desire for a peep of the easter candy type. Peep Heat can occur at any time in any season, but most commonly occurs after noticing their presence in stores and not yet being able to attain the desired peep.
"No honey I can't have sex, I'm suffering from Peep Heat right now and can't think of anything else, especially sex with you...but maybe if you could get some peeps?"
#peep #peeps #heat #fever #stfu
by PHizzleFoShizzle March 19, 2009
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