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1) n. A smiley face, originally used as an emoticon, representing "ridiculous childish glee". Also known as "Awesome Smiley".

2) v. To pull a facial expression similar to an AwesomeFace, especially as a reaction to something awesome, funny, or that otherwise creates a feeling of "ridiculous childish glee".
2) Freddie Wong's last Super Mario video was so epic, I awesomefaced.
by PHR March 18, 2011
Much like your mom and that's what she said, this phrase has a high potential to add innuendo to a previously-uttered statement. Can also be used to augment a comeback.
Person 1: Dude, you suck.
Person 2: No, YOU suck. At night.

Girl 1: So, how are things between you and your boyfriend?
Girl 2: Great! I've never met anyone so awesome!
Asshole 1: At night, that is.

Person 1: I like chillin' with my homeboys. At night.
by PHR May 27, 2011

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