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- A nonsensical, yet harsh and hilarious insult.

- To have sexual intercourse with one's own penis.
Phil: "LOL! You suck."
Phil: "ROFL WTF? That's physically impossible."
by PHIL MATE! December 05, 2009
Pants made in Japan.

Japan + Pants = Japants.
Dale: "Whoh, nice pants. What kind are they?"
Phillipa: "Japants!"
Dale: "Oh, I thought you had a period."
by PHIL MATE! December 05, 2009
Japanese pancakes.

Japan + Pancakes = Japancakes
Phil: "Hi, I'll have some Japancakes please."

Waiter: "Sorry, don't you mean Japanese Pancakes?"

Phil: "No, you heard me, JAPANCAKES!"

Waiter: "I'm sorry sir, we don't have that."

Phil: "Don't Japanic, I can take my business elsewhere then. Or go home and open my Japantry and make my own Japancakes. Or I can ride my Japanda or Japanther and go to Japanama and get some from there."

Waiter: "Keep your Japants on!"
by PHIL MATE! December 29, 2009
Abbreviation for Mind Reading Scum.

Used to call someone who has just had the same thought as you and expressed it verbally (or otherwise), either simultaneously or prior to you expressing it.

A term created long before Hivemind, meaning the same thing.
(true story)

Phil: Think of an epic MRS moment that happened between us to use for the example.

(at the same time)
Dale: So many.
Phil: So many... lol.

Dale: MRS!
Phil: MRS!
Dale: Like that one.
Phil: Use?
Dale: MRS! I was going to suggest that!

(An example of a double MRS)
by PHIL MATE! August 10, 2008

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