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Being bored one day, i happened to see a definition for some middle school. Clicking it, i figured it'd be a defintion by some kid complaining about how much their school sucks and they hate life and would be good for a chuckle(although ms does suck). Instead, i happened upon a little internet flame war between a bunch of 7th-8th graders arguing through a site intended for defining words about some girl who got with some guy or any number of pointless things that comprise gossip. Although it has been fairly entertaining, a little bit of advice: why dont you settle your problems in *reality*, rather than online, where seemingly minor rumors get blown out of proportion and became a constant problem. Posting random insults/threats/shoutouts/complaints online doest do you jack and just drags on a problem you would have forgotten about in a week.
This is like every high school in America.
by PHI215 March 24, 2005
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