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2 definitions by PGM

Home of the bigots of Glasgow Rangers. Has, on numerous occasions, been compared to the Nazi rally's at Nuremberg. Also comparable to Mordor from Middle Earth.

Infested every second saturday by uneducated, unwashed, unemployed, catholic hating, black hating, anything non- white and protestant hating, knuckle dragging filth known as the huns.

It is widely regarded that that Satan himself toured Ibrox when making his initial design plans for hell. He is said to have commented afterwards that "Even I wouldn't send someone here for eternity"
When you think things can get no worse for you always remmember:

"At least I don't have to go to Ibrox"
by PGM August 05, 2006
The top prize in world club football. The first team to win the trophy from the english-speaking world was the mighty Glasgow Celtic in 1967. Fortunately the trophy has never been sullied by ending up in the hands of the bigots at Glasgow Rangers, something which consumes them everyday.
As the hun awoke from his slumber the same thing came to him that had come every morning. The image of the smart successful Celtic fan whispering:

European Cup winners: Your dream, our reality.
by PGM August 05, 2006