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1. To act as if everything other than real life is a blog, and you can vent one's feelings on teh internet.
2. Used to describe someone who is completely calm and collected normally, but on the internet, acts like a blogger
3. Occasionally used to describe over use of emotions while expressing a blog or "comment"
Usually describes as a whiner or loser who doesn't swear at all in real life but acts all G when online.
See whiner, loser, emo
1: Man, in real life, he doesn't say much, but on the internet, he whines and complains about everything.
2:Why you hatin his bloggyness

1:I've never heard him swear, but online, he has the mouth of parrot in a rap club
2: I guess on teh internet his bloggyness shows.
by PEter J MANn December 26, 2008
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