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Strongly Agree, as if it were law.
Player 1: "Look at the junk in her trunk, I'd tap that ass"
Player 2: "Church!"
by PCGator July 13, 2004
Three nice Jewish boys from New York that have WAY more talent than D12, the G Unit and that fat hack Missy Elliot COMBINED. Turn your Yankees hat sideways, hit the chronic, turn bass to max, listen to track 12 on To The 5 Boroughs then get back to me.
I use to party with the Beastie Boys (and your mom) back when they were called The Young Aborigines.
by PCGator July 14, 2004
Second most complex word in the urban language, see shit.
Means BOTH exceptionally good and extremely bad.
Player: “Check out my funky new FUBU Gear”
Player hater: “All I know is YOUR breath is funky”

“I dropped my Civic and that is funky, the gray primer paint job is also funky”
by PCGator July 14, 2004
Someone you are bumping nasties with.
"Who, that girl...we are just good friends"
by PCGator July 13, 2004
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